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Metro Tel is a telecommunication service provider facilitating secured, reliable and congruent forms of communication in an economical way to streamline activities in the corporate environment across Bangladesh. The parent company of MetroTel is Metro Net, a network communication service provider, who were the first ISP to commercially use optical fiber networks in Bangladesh. Metro Tel, with a team of highly skilled, agile and competent individuals offer a range of services that enable customers to implement a wide spectrum of business models.

Since our inception, we have made use of the latest and the most unique technology to deliver superior solutions for multifaceted business concerns. Through the application of advanced technology, Metro Tel helps to consolidate your position in your specific individual industry and guides you through the installation process of the services that best suit your needs.


Our aim is to establish a reliable, secure and integrative form of communication and serve customers in the corporate enclave with superior quality communication services. It is our priority to take upon the challenge to provide our customers with new innovation at competitive prices and personalize services that would serve their individual needs to support and meet their day-to-day business requirements.


Metro Tel envisions to become the epitome of seamless communication service providers. With a team of diligent, accomplished and competent individuals, we want to be the number one solution for business concerns. We believe with the deliverance of outstanding communication services; we will be able to foster inclusive growth in the future among and beyond our national border.


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